Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 9: I know I forgot!

I forgot to write yesterday. Not a lot happened though. I took the boys to the movies, we watched Planet 51. I love this free movie summer series. Evyn ran into one of his little friends there and it was cool to watch them interact with each other. They shared a blanket and would laugh and talk through the movie. As a parent you always worry about them making friends and I think E has made a good friend. He invited him to his party and I hope his mom brings him so E will have at least one friend from school there.
On the diet side of things, well things are still going good with the eating. I haven't cheated....yet... I miss my soda some but I'm proud I've made it this long. My weight is hovering at 251lbs. I'm hoping that I'm not already hitting a plateau. I worked out last night and I didn't want to. Today the boys and I are going swimming.
Ok my kids are demanding that I feed them breakfast, what's up with wanting food. lol. If John and I can keep enough food in this house to feed these boys it will be a miracle.

Day 9: Keep It Up!!! Don't back down.

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