Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Almost One Month

It has almost been one whole month on the new diet. I am kind of nervous to go to the monthly review appointment at the clinic. Here recently I have had a hard time finding things to eat. I'm so tired of eating the same things. I'm gonna have to scour the Internet for new recipes. Also, the last couple of days I have been lax on my exercise routines. Actually not just lax they have been non-existent.
One of the main keys of being able to stay on a diet in my opinion is support. This is the first time I have had complete support from my family and friends. I get a call everyday from someone encouraging me and asking me how it's going. That has been wonderful. It allows me to vent about the diet or stress, or it gives me the opportunity to just have fun and laugh. I think I've underestimated how much stress can impact what I do. The past couple of days have been really stressful. Between trying to get my car fixed to doctors appointments for the boys and getting them ready for school it has been hectic around here. So, by the end of the day all I want to do is go into a couch potato coma. For the last couple of days that's what I have been doing.
So, the plan is for me to get back into the swing of exercising everyday for some amount of time even if it's just 15 minuets of Wii Fit. Also staying positive about working out and the diet, I haven't been negative per-say but I feel myself slipping and just letting things go. I particularly have a hard time when my kids are begging for ice cream or cookies. I'm also having a hard time with the water thing. I hate water. Getting eight 8oz. glasses of water is what is recommended for everyone to consume in one day, but I was never able to do that. I often think of Thumper from Bambi who ate the blossoms from clovers but not the greens. Well I like the sweet things too.

Reminder to self: Water is good for you and your diet. (even if you don't like it)

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