Thursday, August 12, 2010

Catch up

I know it's been a while since I last wrote. I have had a busy time. So first off the yard sale went so well. I had a fun time with my sister and family. It was such hard work I don't think I'll be doing it again any time soon.
I also have been filling out job applications and on the hunt for a new job. I also took the boys to the pool this week and as always that was fun. I love being able to play with them. This summer has been the greatest thing ever!
Also it's time to confess that I've started a new workout. It may sound a little cheesy but it's new and fun. I was getting tired of the wii and I know that regular workout routines are something that I just can't get into. So and this is embarrassing to say, but I promised at the beginning of this that I would tell all step-by-step how I was loosing weight. I started doing Carmen Electra's Stripper Aerobics. There I said it. Just let me say this, they are not as trashy as what you might think. There has not been ANY stripping on camera that I've seen. I'm working of the first disk in the four pack so I don't know what the others have in store. The best thing I can think of to compare it to is the Pussycat Doll Club dances. Kinda burlesque. With my dance/cheerleading background this is right up my ally, and my husband doesn't mind me taking up the TV for an hour for this. He loves it. But I do suggest that if you have kids that this is not something to do with them awake not because your "stripping", just because no kid wants to see their mom dancing and doing isolations. It is a sexy dance and while I am overweight this has been a big issue for me. When I did dance all the time I would have been able to breeze through this with no problem, and do all the little poses and strut my stuff. But now....I just feel silly, I can't get through a set without laughing at myself and making fun. So, maybe this will help me get a little bit of my sexy back. Ha LOL. For anyone who has been overweight you know it affects your confidence and your self image. This may be the best way to regain some of that confidence.
Also I went to the doctor today with one of the worst migraine I've ever had. I was physically sick. I still don't feel well, but I was determined to post today. Anyway the doctor said that since I have a history of migraines that sometimes the medicine that I'm taking for the weight loss program causes them to increase in frequency. I'm hoping this is just a fluke and not related because it has been working so well for me. He wants me to report to the clinic if I have another migraine soon. Other than that he gave me a shot, the "cocktail", and sent me home.
Now that I completed my blog for the day I'm going to go rest some more and take it easy, and pray that this is not related.


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