Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 23: Being sick sucks!!!!

I was planning to post yesterday but was feeling under the weather. John and I both have been not feeling well this week. On the plus side I haven't eaten as much as I normally would if I hadn't been feeling bad. Yesterday was the weigh in day for the week. I think this is the week 3 mark. Almost a month and another posting of a picture.....I haven't changed that much. Anyway I did reach my goal and lost another pound this week. So down to 255lbs, but I think it had a lot to do with me not feeling well so I feel like I cheated.

This weekend is my nephew's first birthday party, so happy birthday to both Max and Jacob. How lucky am I? Two great nephews days apart! So exciting. I am looking forward to seeing my sister and everybody. I miss them so much.

Speaking of my sister I told her about trying the new medical weight loss thing and she was so supportive. It was good to know my family is behind me with this. My mother is also behind me with this. It was kinda eye opening when we talked because she was explaining how worried she was about me and I didn't realize she was that worried. We also talked about how I will never be back to my original size, which I knew that. I'm not crazy. Between my sister, my mom, and my husband we have all decided that for me to get back to about 145 to 150 would be wonderful. My original weight was between 120 and 125. I feel we have been very realistic. Also just for the fun of it and for me to reminisce I'm posting a picture at my original weight. I know I'll get a laugh out of it and possibly get some motivation.

The thing about losing weight is that I think most of us have a picture in our head of what we used to look like or what we would like to look like. A lot of us think that we need to get to that and if we don't, we give up or we give up before we've had the chance to really lose anything. With me going into this with the knowledge that I will never be what I once was and accepting that is a good thing. So, I'll be saying goodbye to this part of my life today by posting this picture.

Day 23.....Looking forward to the future and a better me.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 18:Busy, Busy, Busy.

After my post on Thursday I had a really good day walking and taking pictures. The picture to the right is my favorite that was taken on Thursday. It was a good experience to just take some time to slow down. But my slow time was quickly interrupted by the kids and mothers day weekend.

On Friday Evyn had his schools spring carnival, where he won a gold fish. That was big excitement in this house. So after the carnival we had to go to Wal-mart to purchase a aquarium and a friend for Laser Eye...what a name for a gold fish. Being so busy with the boys I found no time to work out, but I did cook a nice dinner of whole wheat cheese tortellini with all natural marinara. Yum it was so good.

Then on Saturday we went to Tweetsie Railroad. I got my workout there, a day of walking up and down a mountain was fun. If you are in NC and reading this you might want to try to go to Tweetsie even if you're a adult it is so fun. After we were done there we went to Macadoo's to was wonderful!!! I highly recommend it also.

On Mother's Day I rested. We enjoyed church and a meal with John's parents. There I was surprised to learn that they were taking the boys to their house so that John and I could go see a movie. I didn't get to see my mom and I feel so guilty...I called and told her I loved her and that was all I could do.

That brings us to today. This morning I took another step towards loosing the weight that I need to. There is a weight loss clinic here in Mt. Airy that provides the HCG shots and weight loss program. I will be attending my first appointment June 17th and I'm so excited about this. My sister-in-law is also going to be starting this program on the same day and that's kinda reassuring to me because I'm gonna be doing this with someone I know and will hopefully have a support system with. To prepare I've done some research and there is both good and bad reviews. All of the good says it has changed their life, and the bad has been people who haven't tried it and say that it just doesn't do anything. Well I'm willing to take the chance that it will change my life. I'll provide the link for the weight loss web site for those interested to learn more.

Until my appointment in June I will continue to monitor what I eat and workout when I can.

Day 18: Change is coming with the help of some hormones.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 14: It's been a week ......need I remind you I'm Lazy.

I know it's been a week since my last post. I'm sorry, I've kinda fell off the horse so to speak. For some reason I've been in this little funk and it's not been good. But I woke up this morning and it's a beautiful day and I'm excited to start fresh and be positive.

Yesterday I was scheduled to post a weigh in for last week. Well, I didn't lose any weight but that's ok considering I didn't workout like I needed to......or at all. The important thing is that I didn't gain any weight back. So, yea me!

Today is such a gorgeous day that I'm going for a walk with my camera to see what I can take pictures of. Also it's one of those days where I find myself contemplating why I'm not more motivated to do things like taking my kids hiking and just pulling a blanket from the closet and taking a book outside to enjoy the sun. I challenged my facebook friends today to have a me moment. That's one of those moments where I'm outside and it just hits me that this world is beautiful and I get to live in it and I find myself closing my eyes and lifting my head to the sky and taking deep breaths. It's wonderful and it makes you smile. Try it sometime.

I had a English teacher in college that would end every class by saying, "go run necked through the wild flowers." As I would walk out of her class you would over hear people talking of how weird she was, but I don't think they got what she was saying. They were taking her to literal. If every person took the time to do one completely selfish thing like streaking through wild flowers or taking the time to go outside and read a book we would all be a little bit happier.

Day 14: Be inspired by the beauty that surrounds you and you might just find that you feel more beautiful yourself.
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