Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 5: Chaos = Stress

Today has been interesting so far. It has also been a prime example of why I need to stop being lazy and organize my life. This morning was Xander's kindergarten screening and I almost forgot about it. I didn't put the date in my calender like I was supposed to because when it was scheduled we were at school and not near it, and like a true lazy person when I got home I chose to immediately sit down and watch t.v instead of making sure everything is organized. I was lucky that I did remember it last night but that was too late to go to the court house and get a copy of his birth certificate. Which I should have anyway but I lost it because I'm (do I have to say it...) lazy and unorganized.
After being tied up with Xan this morning I didn't get done what I needed to this morning and my whole schedule that I thought I had planned just fell all to pieces. I feel like I've been running around all day and it has stressed me out. I can feel the tension building in my shoulders and I always feel anxious when things don't go right. You would think by now I would have done something about being more organized if it made me feel like this.....but you forget this is a true sign of a lazy person. When they don't do anything to improve their well being, that's a big red flag.
For the second part of my day I'm taking the time right now to set up a schedule so that maybe I can relax and enjoy my family this evening. I also need to plan for exercise because I didn't yesterday and need to somehow today. Also I thought I would try to think about setting goals for myself such as setting a weekly amount of weight to lose. Nothing too far away like 7 lbs. a week or anything like that, something realistic. As soon as I get a goal set that I think I can live with I will post it.

Day 5....Progress is on the way, if only I can be organized enough for it to happen.

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