Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 3: I'm still here.

Today I found myself lying in bed waiting for time to get up, something I do NOT do. I usually have to drag myself out of bed. I don't know if this is going to be a reoccurring thing with this diet or not but it wasn't completely unpleasant. I felt like I got a good nights sleep.

This morning was also the first day that I took a whole diet pill. I was expecting to be jittery and full of energy because that was what the doctor told me to expect. But, I felt fine all day. Alert and motivated. I got a lot of things done. I took Xan in for his blood work, researched party supplies, printed pictures at Wal-mart, ordered a cake at the bakery, exercised, and washed clothes. While I got these things done by about 3pm I felt my energy flagging. I'm hoping that doesn't happen again.

So technically day 4 of the diet and I'm finding it easier to stay with in my calorie ranges. The only trouble that I'm having is getting enough protein and staying away from the carbs. The doctor recommends that I eat 30 grams of protein for breakfast, which I'm finding difficult. I also talked with my sister-in-law today who I found out a couple days ago started the diet one day after me. It was good to be able to complain and give each other tips that we had learned.

Day 3: I'm still here.....without Coke :(
*This picture was taking a few years ago, but it's one of my favorites of John and I.

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